Partners - Reservoir
Inspired Bipolarity.

Réservoir is run by Simon Boulanger and Yves Perreault, who met when they both worked at Cossette. Simon was VP, Account Services while Yves was VP, Creative Group. The combination of a shrewd strategic planner and a prolific creative leader proved a winning one. As a team, Simon and Yves don’t just complement each another – they add to one another.

As Account Director, Simon has a keen understanding of how to keep his eye on the ball. A strategist, entrepreneur and visionary, Simon is a fan of college football, baseball and hockey. Planning and executing perfect game plans are his passion. Yves, on the other hand, is the award-winning idea generator, writer and director who gets involved in every project to ensure they’re completed with strict creative rigour. Together, the two partners cover all the bases.

Drawing upon years of collaborative work on such accounts as General Motors, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, the Dairy Farmers of Canada, Metro grocery stores and Nike, Simon and Yves launched Réservoir in 2005. They were determined to create a 100% independent agency that was would perfectly capture their shared vision of what an advertising agency could, and should, be.

Today, Simon and Yves oversee every step of every project at Réservoir. Their clients appreciate being able to communicate directly with the Creative Director, the Account Director or any other member of the team. Said team is a reflection of the two partners: multi-faceted, multi-talented, equally creative and strategic, and nimbly versatile. The agency’s transparency and open-line communication approach means fewer intermediaries, more expediency and greater clarity. Working together with the client as a true team, superior results are achieved.