Nothing boring in talking about cpas.

You think accountants are boring? Drab, nerdy and uninspiring? Chances are you’ve never actually met a CPA. CPAs are ambitious risk takers and full of audacity. They have stimulating careers in a wide variety of creative sectors that take them to the four corners of the world. If all of these things are boring, then they are proud to say “We are boring”.

Being a headliner isn’t boring.

With just the right amount of self-deprecating humour to grab students’ attention, the campaign presents six CPAs who work in creative sectors, who forged their own path, who have a great personality, and whose achievements provide future CPAs with a glimpse of what type of career could await them.

A CPA walks into a bar…

How do you show that CPAs aren’t boring? By having them tell boring CPA jokes, of course. Ten CPAs from different backgrounds rose to the challenge. To win, they had to resist laughing (or at least try), while at the same time making others laugh at their own jokes. We’ll see if CPAs really are as stiff and boring as people say.

An accounting brand becomes a business brand.

In 2012, the various accounting professions came together under a single designation: CPA. From the start, the objective has been to raise awareness about the brand among the business community, while at the same time encourage the next generation of businesspeople to consider the accounting profession as an exciting career option.

To woo the next generation of business leaders and emphasize the importance of the title within the business community, previous campaigns built on the ambitious nature of CPAs, their desire to bring “a wind of change” to organizations and to take advantage of their professional skills to tackle new challenges. To propel the CPA brand image and increase its visibility, we targeted properties and locations that would help us reach the most responsive and interested audience: business centres, university campuses and curated social media platforms. We also produced relevant media content that was both recognized for its relevance and appreciated by professionals.

A “videobooth” equipped with powerful fans was set up on the various university campuses. Air was blown in the participating students’ face while they were being filmed. They then had the possibility of sharing the resulting video on Facebook.

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