A new twist on familiar advertising tropes.

“Whiter than white”, “Now with 5 blades”, “No added sugar”. While the distinctive benefits of everyday consumer products are often advertised in a garish way, the approach remains attention-grabbing. It is precisely why we used it as an inspiration for our recruiting campaign.

We applied promotional “stickers” on posters featuring the face of young CPAs, each highlighting a “product benefit” of the CPA title. As a result, we turned a flashy advertising technique into an amusing, one that conveyed the skills acquired by CPAs during their education. New stickers were added on a daily basis, to the point where they would cover a CPA’s entire face, taking full advantage of the possibilities afforded by digital advertising.

New and improved targeting.

Four young CPAs agreed to have their face featured in the ad campaign. The person who ended up on the huge billboard at the Berri metro station was in for quite a shock. Always read the small print, Joshua! In addition to metro stations, bus shelters and posters at various campuses, the ad campaign was also featured on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and streaming platforms. In other words, dear Joshua, practically every aspiring business professional between the ages of 18 and 25 saw your face.

Proud to be boring.

In 2019, the Je suis plate (I’m boring) campaign made fun of a widely spread assumption about the profession. In addition to featuring various CPAs that went on to become famous in their respective fields, the campaign grabbed people’s attention thanks to a video tactic that generated huge laughs. With over 350,000 organic views during the first week alone, we thought that showing a bit of the results on this page would be anything but boring.

An accounting brand becomes a business brand.

In 2012, the various accounting professions came together under a single designation: CPA. From the start, the objective has been to raise awareness about the brand among the business community, while at the same time encourage the next generation of business people to consider the accounting profession as an exciting career option.

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