La Cordée - Reservoir
A bit of snow, some flies, a sprinkle of pine needles and La Cordée: the DNA of outdoor lovers.

From adventurers to dog walkers, La Cordée has been gearing up Quebecers for the past 60 years. The company is therefore very well positioned to amusingly, accurately and affectionately celebrate who Quebecers are through creative and original ad campaigns.

Gênant - Velo
Marque - Météo
Tente - Pédaler - 10 litres
A campaign generous in punchlines

We wanted to bring back the slogan “Généreux de nature” at the centre stage. It’s deeply entrenched in La Cordée’s DNA. There’s nothing more appropriate to promote their expertise and passion for the great outdoors.

Each of the campaign’s message covers, in 10 seconds, different aspects of their product and promotional offers in the form of witty advice. It’s quick, funny and packed with generosity.

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