NAPA AUTOPRO - Reservoir
There's only one NAPA GUY (OK, maybe two).

Some say the NAPA GUY, with his deadpan sense of humour and both feet firmly planted on the ground, manages to effectively convey the distinctive attributes of the NAPA AUTOPRO brand in a remarkably engaging way. That’s true!

Personifying the chain’s 625 operating owners (no small feat!), he embodies a straightforward, honest, no-nonsense approach to customer service. There’s no room for what we at the agency call the “I just work here” attitude. He also brings a smile to our face by drawing attention to the other cornerstones of the brand, such as the mechanical expertise of our service centres and the special relationship they have with sister company NAPA Auto Parts – which supplies the network at a speed that can be downright surprising at times.

Others say that the NAPA GUY, who has been featured in about fifteen messages since 2019, has played a pivotal role in solidifying NAPA AUTOPRO’s position in the industry. We at the agency like to think that’s true, too.

Featured on television, poster advertising and social media, the “It’s true” tagline serves to showcase the expertise of the technicians, the privileged access to NAPA auto parts, as well as the important role a NAPA AUTOPRO service centre plays within its community.

It’s true there are more than 600 NAPA AUTOPRO service centres in Canada. It’s also true that most of them are privately owned and operated. Each owner brings his own expertise, culture and approach to his business. The one thing they all have in common: a true passion for automotive mechanics, and a desire to build true relationships with their customers. That’s why we believe that, when it comes to NAPA AUTOPRO, “it’s true”.

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