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When does having an idea become a right?

Knowing that you have the right to something is the first step in protecting said right. What are the rules that protect our place in society? Is pride an actual right? What about love? Ambition? Every citizen can have legitimate dreams, goals and aspirations. Yet when the road to self-fulfillment is fraught with obstacles, having rights becomes all the more important. That’s when lawyers come into play.

The ad campaign asks the following questions: do we take our rights for granted? What can we do when something that is part of our life, our identity or the very fabric of society becomes out of our reach?

The platform is thought provoking. The content is inspiring and deals with current, important social issues. In all, six short videos ask a distinct question that raises many others.

Questions that concern everyone.

The media strategy is made up of two components: an intimate and targeted digital dialogue on social media; and a prime time broadcast aimed at a wide audience. The questions featured in the ad campaign invite the population to visit a website featuring information about their rights, as well as relevant facts, statistics and resources. The campaign emphasizes the importance of lawyers and the support they can provide to citizens.

An ad campaign that stands firmly on its feet.

We set the tone for the Barreau du Québec’s new image with the 2017 campaign, anchoring the message on the notion of rights. Lawyers are the upholders of rights. They accompany citizens and organizations in the pursuit of their ideals and the exercise of their rights, and help them prevent conflicts and overcome obstacles.

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