OTTIAQ - Reservoir
The best strategy is to make sure the client and the agency speak the same language.

Little-known until 2015, the Ordre des traducteurs turned to Réservoir to help them tell the business community about its 2,100 members and the services they provide. “Libérez vos mots”, “Faites résonner vos paroles” and “Faites voyager vos idées” became taglines used for the second campaign, designed to promote the work of certified translators. As leaders in the field of translation in Quebec, the Ordre’s role is to encourage businesses and organizations to translate their words, ideas and messages.

2016 Campaign.

The first campaign underlined the role of certified translators as an essential part of a sound business approach.

This time, we undertook to position translation work as an investment. The entire campaign was built around this one notion: doing business with any of the Ordre’s 2,100 members translates into greater profits, efficiency and peace of mind.

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