Michel Jodoin - Reservoir
A popopositively bubbly ad campaign

In 2005, apple-based beverage producer Cidrerie Michel Jodoin hand-picked our agency to promote its various products. Building on a recent re-branding initiative, we launched a new campaign for the company’s ready-to-drink ciders, both on the web and in OOH.

This light, humorous and effervescent campaign was mostly aimed at young people aged 18-34. Those folks will no longer wonder where, when and how they can enjoy a good sparkling cider, since we will have answered all those questions for them.

Each message is its own, refreshing little bubble of fun, a pleasure for the eyes and ears. Much like Michel Jodoin ciders are a delight for the papapalate.

You won’t peel off these labels

We capitalized on the unique appearance of the new aluminium bottles to create a look that is both distinct and appealing for their sparkling ciders. The bright colours and mosaic of clever puns on the labels make them as fun to look at as the back of cereal boxes from our childhood. They’re guaranteed to be this summer’s hot new look.

We brought a fresh new look to every Michel Jodoin product. We’re not trying to reinvent the brand. We simply highlight what is already there, while puttAn advertising approach to packaging. More than just a branding vehicle, every bottle becomes its very own billboard. Every label is a poster, an ad that grabs the customer’s attention, a sign of memorable products to come. An appetizer of sorts. ing into words Michel’s passion for his craft and his constant drive to develop new ways for his products to bear fruit.

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