WKND - Reservoir
This ain't no radio gaga.

After listening to 99.5 FM for a while, the Réservoir team unanimously concluded: sounds like this radio station has been around for a long time. But that was even before its first anniversary. That’s saying something. The hosts’ chemistry, the music choice, the pacing: WKND is the right station for radio lovers. Our job was to get lots of those lovers on its wavelength.

News, spontaneity and music you don’t hear everywhere.

While always ensuring a certain familiarity for the listeners, WKND stands apart with its less formatted, more free-to-improvise approach. Our challenge was to translate its unique personality into a unique language that spoke to everyone.

One tagline: Vive la radio.

A cheerful, raised-fist celebration of rhythm, spirited current event conversations, originality and discovery. Vive la radio, indeed. This tagline clearly expresses a deep love for radio, a medium that remains relevant despite the growing popularity of podcasts and streaming services. Vive la radio. Vive WKND.

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