Ordre des experts-comptables - Reservoir

An expert-comptable is a business partner, someone who plays a wide-ranging role in the success of a business. That’s the message conveyed by an ad campaign that speaks to SME managers in a tone and language they can identify with. Indeed, the campaign provides an answer to business leaders looking for advice and solutions in a variety of sectors.

Using popular French expressions such as “Il nous a sauvé les fesses” (He saved our butt), “Il met le feu” (He sets things on fire, meaning he stimulates people to get things done) and “Il envoie du lourd” (meaning he delivers on the important stuff), three TV spots focus on the expert-comptable as being an indispensable advisor in the pursuit of business success. In each spot, a business owner praises his expert-comptable and explains the importance of their close partnership. 

With its characters addressing the camera and its taglines that grab attention by defying expectations, the ad campaign challenges the general perceptions about experts-comptables.

Broadcast on TV in France and its overseas territories, as well as on social media, the campaign clearly positions the expert-comptable as an essential ally of any entrepreneur.


The ad campaign also extends to social media, as a way to target students. The objective is to demonstrate the many opportunities that await anyone who would choose the profession of expert-comptable – a profession that becomes particularly attractive to a generation of students seeking a career that allows them both independence and a variety of value-added options.

The approach is to create targeted posts on Instagram and Facebook, where the use of the carousel ad format allows for the possibility to feature a variety of exciting challenges that await future experts-comptables.  

The Ordre des experts-comptables is a French national institution tasked with the representation, promotion, defence and development of the profession of expert-comptable, both in France and abroad. The organization services some two million organizations generating business in excess of 11.5 billion euros.

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