What’s on an SME leader’s mind?

March 2020. Economic disaster strikes SMEs. The bottom line had hit rock bottom. For SME leaders, looking at the numbers had never been more important. Talking to their CPA had never been more crucial. New, unanticipated questions arose. What should we do about the lease? Will we really need that much office space going forward? Should we take our business online? Four CPAs share their views on the new challenges faced by SMEs.

Generation resilience.

Two years ago, the new generation of CPAs had everything going for it. Their career was soaring. Their projects were successful. Life was full of possibilities. Fast forward to today. How are they doing now? Did their skills as CPAs help them get back on their feet? We caught up with two of them, who had taken part in our “I am boring” ad campaign, to talk business strategy, management and the role CPAs will be called upon to play going forward. Inspiring and encouraging words for any aspiring CPA.

An accounting brand becomes a business brand.

In 2012, the various accounting professions came together under a single designation: CPA. From the start, the objective has been to raise awareness about the brand among the business community, while at the same time encourage the next generation of business people to consider the accounting profession as an exciting career option.

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