CPA - Reservoir

While many students have already identified the CPA designation as an obvious choice for a stimulating career path, others might not at first have considered it an option. That’s why the Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec asked us – yes, us – to create an ad campaign that would serve to remind these potential future leaders that by choosing accounting as a profession, they could aspire to a wide variety of strategic and decisional roles in their career.


Relying on few words for maximum impact, the campaign showcases individuality in a profession that welcomes diversity. In a series of posters, various young university students react with a surprised “Me?” to a statement as unexpected as it is inspiring: The business world is counting on you, you, you, you and you. Yes, you too.


Featured in metro stations near university campuses and in bus shelters in the vicinity, as well as on digital platforms such as TikTok and YouTube, the ad campaign manage, in an eloquent way, to demonstrate that any profile can be a CPA profile. As for us, us and us, we are quite proud of it.

Texting the next generation of CPAs.

The job market is counting on future CPAs, a message that is conveyed to them even before they graduate. Yes, the business, aviation, construction and tourism sectors, and even the next start-up, really are texting the next generation of business people to let them know about the exciting challenges and possibilities that await them. The ad campaign includes a poster, an audio and a digital component.

Texting with a twist.

Using language and codes associated with texting, all with a dash of humour, becomes an entertaining yet efficient way to highlight various career opportunities, while also “sending a message” that CPAs are truly connected to the modern world.

What was on business leaders’ mind at the start of the pandemic?

March 2020. SMEs everywhere are hit by an economic tsunami. Never before had business leaders paid so much attention to numbers. Never had they discussed so much with their CPA. So many new questions arose: what about the lease? Are we ever again going to need as much office space? Has e-commerce now become essential? CPAs were there to help business leaders find answers to these and many other questions.

Talking about CPAs is anything but boring.

With just the right amount of self-deprecating humour, the campaign presents, in both poster and digital ads, six CPAs whose achievements in various sectors provide future CPAs with a glimpse of the type of career that awaits them. Careers that are anything but boring… The highlight: bad jokes about boring CPAs, a video stunt that was viewed 350,000 times and shared 50,000 times during one, single sponsored broadcast.

The recruiting campaign was featured in an article published in La Presse+ as well as on TV on Radio-Canada and V. Plus, the initiative generated positive opinions for the brand and helped inspire a new generation of future business professionals to consider an exciting career as a CPA.

An accounting brand becomes a business brand.

In 2012, the various accounting professions came together under a single designation: CPA. From the start, the objective has been to raise awareness about the brand among the business community, while at the same time encourage the next generation of business people to consider the accounting profession as an exciting career option.

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