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Need a brand new part? Looking for a key part? Are you playing the part? Have you seen our line-up of the best parts?

By selecting the right segments part-by-part and developing a vocabulary that resonates with hockey fans while highlighting the brand’s purpose, we can stand out in a crowded and competitive environment such as NHL hockey games.

“Reality advertisement” know-how.

My first time: our first “reality advertisement”, in which we follow the learning experience of Mélany and Samuel, two amateurs found through a Facebook contest. From changing wipers to doing a complete brake job, we find out, along with them, how easy it can be to do your car maintenance yourself.


Shopping know-how: people often get the feeling that NAPA Auto Parts stores are exclusively for professionals. What they don’t know is that these stores are rife with products that are just as useful to wannabe-do-it-yourselfers as they are to experts. In Shopping know-how, Chris Robinson and Michel Bibeau take us on a shopping spree any car aficionado can appreciate.

Shares and likes know-how.

Every week, between two and five original posts remind the NAPA Auto Parts fan base of their car repair, tool selection and getting-tons-of-likes know-how.

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